Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Congratulations Reeny Smith, Helios Ensemble (Eszther Horvath) and Port Cities (Breagh Mackinnon) on your nomination for Music Nova Scotia Awards

Congratulations to all Music Nova Scotia Award Nominees!

Former Scholarship recipients are nominated for the following Music Nova Scotia Awards:

Delta Halifax & Delta Barrington Entertainer of the Year
  • Port Cities (Band member Breagh Mackinnon 2013 NSTT Chico Berardi Award)
  • Reeny Smith (Talent Trust 2010 Portia White Award)
African Nova Scotian Artist of the Year - Sponsored by the Town of Truro Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Reeny Smith (Talent Trust 2010 Portia White Award)
Digital Artist of the Year - Sponsored by HAF Skate and Tattoo/Jimolly's Bakery Cafe
  • Port Cities (Band member Breagh Mackinnon 2013 NSTT Chico Berardi Award)
Group Recording of the Year
  • Port Cities - "Port Cities" (Band member Breagh Mackinnon 2013 NSTT Chico Berardi Award)
Music Video of the Year
  • Dave Sampson & Port Cities - "Trouble" (Director: Mat Barkley)
Recording of the Year - Sponsored by My Home Apparel
  • Port Cities - "Port Cities" (Band member Breagh Mackinnon 2013 NSTT Chico Berardi Award)
Classical Recording of the Year
  • Helios Vocal Ensemble - "An Illuminated Christmas" (member Eszther Horvath 2016 Kenneth Elloway Award)
Pop Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Open Hearth Park
  • Port Cities - "Port Cities" (Band member Breagh Mackinnon 2013 NSTT Chico Berardi Award)

The full list of nominees can be found at https://nsmw.ca/music-nominees/

Monday, October 16, 2017

Chris Spencer Lowe's film Transfer can now be seen on vimeo

Message from Chris Spencer Low

TRANSFER is now fully
screenshot while watching Transfer
publicly available on Vimeo for your re-viewing pleasure. 

Feel free to check out CSL's other films, performances and installations while you're there.

Congratulations Chris!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wishing you all a great Nocturne art night in Halifax and Dartmouth

Congratulations Nocturne on your 10th anniversary. 

Tonight is the night to enjoy art on the street, on the water, and inside.
Have fun Dartmouth and Halifax! 

Thank you to all the organizers and artists that make this event happen. 

Visit the projects of former Talent Trust scholarship recipients:
Jason Skinner
Alexis Milligan
Ruth Ellen-Kroll
Sarah Mosher
Janice Jackson 
Mike Hirschbach
Lukas Pearse
Veronique Mackenzie

Friday, October 13, 2017

Janice Jackson creates 'Opera From Scrap' at Nocturne October 14, 2017

Opera From Scrap
information and photo: nocturnehalifax.ca

Janice Isabel Jackson
& Arianne Pollet-Brannen
at Nocturne October 14, 2017
from 6 p.m. - midnight 
RBC Waterside Centre,
1871 Upper Water St

"Opera From Scrap" is an interactive opera by Janice Isabel Jackson, transformed into a phantasmagorical creature in real time by Arianne Pollet-Brannen.

"Opera from Scrap" is an interactive opera. The soloist, Janice Isabel Jackson, transforms into a phantasmagorical opera character while an elaborate costume is constructed onto her by visual artist Arianne Pollet-Brannen. Materials for the costume will be assembled from scraps of fabric, some of which contributed by the audience. In a similar manner, material for the opera will be assembled from live tweets, texts and melodies submitted by the public as well as various sounds extracted from the surroundings. Words, tweets, stories, scraps of paper, fabric, flowers, and other unplanned items will all converge in a manner that completely transforms the vocalist. The singer is required to absorb and create sounds and melodies that will either be concrete stories, unexpected random expressions, or abstract sounds throughout the performance. This project allows the public to experience a continuous transformation throughout the evening. Short recordings of audience comments and singing will also be taken and played back as part of the landscape during the ongoing performance. At the end of the evening, at 11:15pm, the public is invited to return to the scene and experience the fruits of the slow metamorphosis in which the re-envisioned and costumed opera singer presents a newly created 30-minute opera. This manifestation of visual and performance art creates a platform where the audience becomes a storyteller, composer, collaborator, and co-conspirator throughout. Write your words and ideas on scraps of paper and material, tell us your stories, sing your songs, tweet us @jacksonnewmusic

Audience Interaction
Family Friendly

Jason Skinner presents 'Riding the Rails' at Nocturne Halifax October 14, 2017

Nocturne at the Museum
information and photo: nocturnehalifax.ca

Andrea Tsang Jackson, Jason Skinner
Nocturne October 14, 2017
6 PM - midnight

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21,
1099 chemin Marginal Rd

"Nocturne at the Museum" highlights our tenuous connections to our past: our changing memories of our collective past as we move further away from it, and our reimagining and reframing of our past as we try to capture something that we can no longer quite grasp. Two artists and one organization will each provide unique interpretations of these themes in the context of the Museum’s unique position as a National Historical Site: a point of arrival for over a million immigrants, as well as a point of departure for many of these immigrants to other parts of Canada.

The two artists whose work considers these questions are Andrea Tsang Jackson and Jason Skinner. There will also be a project presented by Library and Archives Canada.

Andrea Tsang Jackson’s proposed work "Georges Island Quilted Over" is a participatory illuminated paper quilt project that becomes an opaque window.

Jason Skinner will animate the colonist car outside the Museum with his work "Riding the Rails" a series of portraits exploring the possible worlds and lives of immigrants who arrived to Canada by Pier 21, but left for other parts of Canada.

Library and Archives Canada will explore "Going Dark: Extinguished Lighthouses of Atlantic Canada," a presentation which exposes the importance of archives to understanding our changing landscape and our understanding of ourselves.

Still Images
Moving Images
Audience Interaction
Family Friendly


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sarah Mosher with 'Inter-Harbor Communication Co.' at Nocturne Halifax October 14, 2017

Inter-Harbour Communication Co.
information and photo: nocturne.ca

Sarah Mosher
, visual artist and Ben Mosher

Nocturne October 14, 2017
6 PM - midnight

Halifax Marriott Harbourfront,
1919 Upper Water St

Reimagining and rediscovering early inter-harbour communications through a playful and interactive experience.

"Inter-Harbour Communication Company" connects to a fragment of our partially forgotten heritage; Nova Scotia was home to one of the largest early high-speed communication networks in the world. Visual telegraphy allowed messages to be delivered at speeds unimaginable in a world of letters and post, taking hours not days to reach their destination. By reenacting the methods of these early messaging systems, this project playfully subverts their colonial roots and allows public participation in a communication system built on the foundation of British military communication methods.

In 1795, under the direction of British commander Edward Duke of Kent, troops were made to construct a communication network in our province. The nature of this network was a line of signalling towers using a fiercely-guarded coded language of flags and balls on masts. The extent of the network was one of the largest visual semaphore networks in the world, stretching from Sambro Island to Fredricton. Kent's vision for his visual telegraph network was for it to allow him to relay messages to Quebec City without his need to leave Halifax. This convoluted and costly venture only remained viable for a few years before being discontinued at large with The Duke of Kent's departure from Halifax in the early 1800's.

This system also allowed for inter-harbour communication between commercial and military groups. "Inter-Harbour Communication Company" allows the opening of inter-harbour communications through the use of visual signs and rudimentary phone lines. This playful engagement with communication methods portends a possibility for the distortion and allows an openness of lines of dialogue between the two sides of the harbour.

Audience Interaction
Family Friendly


Alexis Milligan at Nocturne October 14, 2017 at Northwood Senior Care Centre in Halifax


Performances include Prism - a choose your own adventure theatre experience with Alexis Milligan.

October 14 from 6 p.m. - midnight

Where's the Funk?? - Dance, choreographed by Kendra Armstrong - featuring dancers from Leica Hardy School of dance (some Talent Trust scholarship recipients might be in that group too (smile)).

Lisa Cochrane presents: LaHave River Jamboree. Be part of the live audience of a fictitious radio program with cross dressing DJ Harold Anderson spinning vinyl from his private collection of Old Style Country tunes.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Veronique MacKenzie and Lukas Pearse at Nocturne October 14, 2017 Central Library Halifax

Depths of Sorrow
Veronique MacKenzie FB screen shot
at Nocturne: Vanish at the Halifax Central Library on
Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 6 p.m. - midnight.

Depths of Sorrow will be viewable from the exterior front courtyard (rear screen video projections against the windows of the 5th floor) with infrared capture of live dance, animation, and original sound score by Motion Activated: 
Lukas PearseVeronique MacKenzie, Susan Tooke.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mike Hirschbach's Halifax Circus at Nocturne October 14, 2017 in Halifax

Halifax Circus
information and photo: nocturnehalifax.ca

with Mike Hirschbach 
from 6 PM - midnight
October 14, 2017
Halifax Circus,
1479 Barrington St

Halifax Circus presents their annual celebration of circus with the amazing fire show outside, astounding aerials in the sanctuary, and intriguing student demos in the gym. Don't miss this amazing show that is seen by over 10,000 people annually.

Halifax Circus celebrates circus arts, movement, theatre and performance with their annual performances at Nocturne. Included are their astonishing fire show outside, astounding aerials in the sanctuary, and intriguing student demos in the gym. Their performers have performed across Canada and the US, in Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

Don't miss this show that is seen by over 10,000 people annually.

Audience Interaction
Family Friendly

Not wheelchair accessible • No washrooms